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"I delight in bringing people together to celebrate the uniqueness of their lives" 
- Irene Öhler, Founding Curator


To build a vibrant community where women across generations and different backgrounds share their diverse stories, experiences, and wisdom.


To ignite meaningful conversations  through stories that challenge the status quo and advocate for positive change.


To inspire one another, and leave a lasting impact on our communities and society.






Our Women’s Storytelling Salon is a vibrant community of women across generations, cultures and professional backgrounds in Vietnam. The Salons are a unique space where we showcase and celebrate women’s diverse achievements, where their stories ignite meaningful Connections and Conversations, and we leave inspired to leave a lasting impact.


It all started back in 2014 in Hanoi when Irene Öhler, Founding Curator of the Women’s Storytelling Salon had the feeling that “something was missing in her town”. Namely, a place where women could connect with other professional women in a meaningful way.


Irene was also inspired by the tradition of the Salons in her hometown Vienna, Austria where in the 19th century influential women would open their Salons (i.e., their living rooms) for gatherings of the ‘influencers’ of their time to mix and inspire another.


Irene deeply believes in the Power of Storytelling to quickly connect people, to trigger our imagination, and to inspire purposeful action.


So in November of 2014 the first Women’s Storytelling Salon was born together with co-founder, Nandini Ooman, who has since made the Salons a success in the USA following her return there in 2015.


Since 2014 Irene Ohler has curated 33 Salons in Hanoi and in Ho Chi Minh City, each with 2 inspiring storytellers from different backgrounds generously sharing their unique paths.


Our Salon Community has been growing and growing, in numbers as well as in diversity in professional backgrounds, nationalities and generations, making it a unique place for Connection, Conversations, Celebration of women’s achievements, and Inspiration.


Inspired by the Salons, a group of young women in Hanoi launched the M's Storytelling Salon -  A comfortable platform for young females to value their own experience and stories.

To date Irene has curated 33 public Salons in Vietnam with 66 storytellers sharing 200+ stories and 1,500+ women attending.

Copyright 2019 by Irene Ohler | All rights reserved 

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