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"I delight in bringing people together to celebrate the uniqueness of their lives" 
- Irene Öhler, Founding Curator

Irene Öhler's Story

Irene arrived in Vietnam in 2012, after 15 years of international experience on 4 continents in leadership development.


One of the first things she noticed were the remarkable women of Vietnam. She kept meeting accomplished women, in both formal and informal leadership positions. She was fascinated and knew she had found a huge treasure still to 'be uncovered'. This treasure has remained a passion and a focus for Irene.


Since then Irene has pioneered a number of initiatives to inspire women and ignite their leadership.  She has co-authored the award-winning book on Women Leaders, Ba Trieu’s 21st Century Daughters. Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women, has co-founded the inter-cultural and inter-generational events series, the Women’s Storytelling Salon, and become a sought after speaker on the topic of women leadership. 


2019 saw the birth of LightPath Leadership, which combines Irene’s deep experience in executive coaching, consulting, the power of storytelling and her mission to 'Unleash people’s leadership potential for the benefit of the individuals, their workplaces, their families and our communities.'


As part of this, LightPath Leadership offers SPARK! CONNECTION - AN ECOSYSTEM FOR WOMEN LEADERSHIP including the signature SPARK! and IGNITE! Women Leadership Development Programs.


Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women

This is how it all started - with Irene observing the Remarkable Women of Vietnam and being inspired to tell their stories to the world! And Ba Trieu's 21st Century Daughters, Stories of Remarkable Vietnamese Women was born. 

The best-selling and awarded book tells the stories of 20 inspirational women leaders of modern Vietnam.
20 remarkable women, spanning three generations from different locations and different professional backgrounds – some famous, some less well known – share their stories of success, challenges and valuable lessons in life and leadership.
Their stories inspire and help us imagine what is possible - where ever we are. 

The book is also the product of an unusual collaboration, between an outsider, Irene Ohler,

looking in on Vietnam, and an insider, Do Thuy Duong, who represents the current generation of Vietnamese women leaders.

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